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Beyond the Brochure

The Czech Village New Bohemia Main Street District needed a new pamphlet to stock the shelves at welcome centers. What they got was a fresh perspective—and a way to showcase the District's blend of trendy and traditional.


Czech Village: A Cedar Rapids staple for over a century. Its destinations? Long-standing and treasured by the community. Across the river, New Bohemia: Home to young entrepreneurs eager to bring new ideas and trendy businesses to the area. Divided by the Cedar River that runs through the heart of downtown, it’s easy to see how these areas could be seen as complete opposites.

The task was simple: Revamp the Czech Village New Bohemia Main Street District’s tri-fold brochure. But looking beyond the brochure revealed a tougher challenge: Showcasing the District as a single culture-packed destination—without losing sight of the differences that make each place unique. The first step? A name—one that drives home the fact that these two distinct areas lie within one Main Street district.

Czech Village Brochure After

Czech Village Brochure Before

What's in a name?

What’s in a name? A lot—after walking the District streets, talking to local businesses and scouring English-Czech dictionaries, our whiteboard was packed with original naming concepts for the District’s tri-fold.


How do you make this juxtaposition of historical heritage and up-and-coming urban not a downfall, but a draw? That’s easy—make it the focus. At 16th and 3rd, you can watch traditional Czech dances while sipping espresso from a hip café. Or see the latest in modern art—just after devouring a kolache baked from a 200-year-old recipe. It’s about connecting time-honored traditions with exciting new ideas. Just as the District’s two main streets connect in the heart of downtown, visitors to its streets connect to heritage, culture and bright new life.

Two Main Streets 16th & 3rd

Two main streets

The Czech Village New Bohemia Main Street District—that’s quite a mouthful. 16th & 3rd is short, sweet and brings the main streets on each side of the District front and center, ensuring the District is not only easy to find, but easy to remember.


Distributed to local businesses throughout the District and beyond, the vibrant brochure was met with rave reviews from business owners and locals alike, who said the piece was “captivating” and “really showcases the personality of the District.” More importantly, the District now has the tools to attract visitors from near and
far—to let everyone know that 16th and 3rd is where you go, no matter who you are.

Czech Village
Czech Village Juggler

Collaborating with the District’s photographer meant guiding the spirit of the photo direction, then turning her loose on the streets. The result? Bright, candid images that capture the true essence of the area.

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