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Your brand? It’s about more than scratching the surface.
To make a real impact, you have to dig a little deeper.

Every brand should tell a story—a story that means something to your customers, a story every employee can readily share. Done well, a brand story provides a cohesive message that focuses your business efforts, differentiates you from competitors and creates a memorable context for your products and services.

So what’s your story?

When the answer is "We don't have one," "We're not sure," or "Where do we begin?" you’re not alone. That's where DIRT comes in.

DIRT is how North Forty helps companies move from brand confusion to brand clarity. Short for the 4 steps of the process, DIRT gets to the core of key strategic issues because you'll be digging right alongside us. Though always customized for each client's unique needs, the basics of the DIRT approach go like this:


A single, rapid-fire, hard-hitting, dig-in-the-dirt Q&A session that gets to the heart of your brand, your goal and your story.

What’s really impacting your brand’s success? We’re not afraid to find out–that means asking tough questions, getting real answers and giving an open, honest critique of your brand in its entirety.

What did we unearth? We’ll discuss our findings with you, and together define a clear, concise brand promise and strategic creative direction.

We’ll deliver the goods, with specific recommendations and an actionable plan for going forward–one that makes the most of your brand story and your marketing dollars.

Your story’s waiting to be told–and our shovels are ready. Are yours?

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