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When Do-it Molds acquired the newest member of its family, they had to merge a lot more than bank accounts. From web to product design and beyond, Do-it’s latest acquisition was blended seamlessly into the existing brand, resulting in a cohesive, recognizable brand from site to shelf.

Do-it Logos

Soft Baits logo: Vibrant colors and textures help a new product line make a splash while staying true to the Do-it brand.

Do-it website

Website merge: Carefully restructured to maximize user-friendliness and successfully merge the Soft Baits site into the new Do-it site. Visit full site.

Do-it catalog

Spring catalog: Categorized by consumer shopping patterns to improve shopper experience while seamlessly integrating a new product line.

Do-it new packaging

Package design: Soft Baits stand out on the shelf while being recognizable as a Do-it product.

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