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GreatAmerica Financial Services

Set Design & Graphics   /   On-Site Logistics   /   Talent Management   /   Technical Direction   /   Venue Coordination   /
Concept Design   /   Music Composition & Production   /   Content Development

Each year, GreatAmerica holds an event to honor their employees for their hard work. Working closely with the GreatAmerica team, we handled everything from scripting and talent management to creative direction and logistics—creating a truly memorable event for GreatAmerica employees seven years in a row.

Great America live event

GreatAmerica’s employee-appreciation event: The annual awards ceremony included custom-designed sets, lighting and some serious production know-how.

Great America live event

Employee appreciation event show: The GreatAmerica Band rocks the house—and successfully integrates live entertainment into a corporate event.

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