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The Making of a Hero

When it comes to retail success, telling the story to the shopper is only half the battle. It takes the right training materials to get the sales team excited about a product—and more importantly, about selling it.


Picture this: the laundry row in the appliance department. What do you see? Rows upon rows of stainless steel boxes, each seemingly indistinguishable from the last? When appliance shopping becomes overwhelming, consumers seek the help of experts. But how do you help those sales reps learn their trade?

That’s easy—make it fun.

Best Buy’s annual Cleaning Campaign event has been a staple for years. But for LG’s first time sponsoring the 8-week laundry appliance push, they wanted to make sure Best Buy associates really grasped the stand-out features of LG washers and dryers. Dry informational brochures and snooze-worthy training seminars weren’t going to cut it.


Enter Laundry Heroes: 5 caped crusaders created to make everyday laundry challenges—and LG’s solutions to them—memorable. From green efficiency to the power of steam, we took LG’s most impressive laundry features and turned them into full-fledged superheroes, complete with costumes, unique personalities, arch enemies and signature moves.

Laundry Heroes

Laundry Heroes Illustrator

Our secret weapon? Enlisting an Emmy award-winning illustrator to help take our characters from concept to completion.

Lights, Camera, Action

The key to a successful launch? Hype. Characters complete, we built anticipation within the Best Buy community with an online teaser trailer, offering sales associates a sneak peek of the unique training coming their way. Soon after, an extended short video blasted concept and characters into the spotlight.

Laundry Heroes’ original score

Our own Director of Creative Experience lent his considerable talent (as well as his recording studio) to the project, serving as the voice of Blue Defender as well as the composer of Laundry Heroes’ original score.


Superheroes deserve a super format. Laundry Heroes landed in sales reps’ hands in the form of weekly comics, each delving into a new laundry challenge and the LG innovation destined to solve it. Short, digestible and fun, these comics made product training something to get excited about.

LG Heroes Cover

LG Heroes Bad Guy

LG Smart ThinQ QR code

Training collateral this cool demands star treatment. The Laundry Heroes series arrived complete with a collector-inspired display box and protective paper seals (featuring ‘outtakes’ from the headlining hero) around each issue.


After devouring the latest weekly comic, Best Buy team members were directed to their online Learning Lounge to test their knowledge. Changing up the site’s background and interface continued the Laundry Heroes theme and made test taking fun.

LG Heroes Learning

LG Heroes Learning 2


Rave reviews from Best Buy’s marketing team and Blue Shirts alike described the training as "great fun" and "…a great learning tool, very entertaining and easy to understand." Creative, unique and entertaining, this campaign proved that training can be fun—and made heroes out of LG laundry appliances and big-box sales reps nationwide.

LG Heroes Feedback

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