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Making an In-Store Impact

LG makes innovation look simple. But standing out in the ultra-competitive retail scene isn’t always easy. When their most advanced appliances to date were ready to steal the show, we gave them a worthy stage.

Extraordinary Technology, Everyday Lives

LG’s mission? Enriching lives through technology. Their Smart ThinQ™ appliances do just that—helping you work smarter so you can do more of what matters to you. Taking that concept to heart, we collaborated with LG's display vendor to create a point-of-purchase experience that shows Smart ThinQ™ technology making a difference in everyday life. The Smart ThinQ™ display helps consumers see how connecting their smartphone to home appliances lets them connect to more important things.

Smart ThinQ Work

The 18-foot set is attention-grabbing in itself, but a 16-foot lightbox glowing overhead is the clincher—a beacon drawing shoppers from every corner of the store.

Smart ThinQ lightbar

LG Smart ThinQ at lightspeed

Taking the project from product training to a fully functioning display in 6 weeks meant concepting, scripting, producing and editing the "One Smart Day" video at warp speed.

One Smart Video

If you can’t bring the showroom home, bring the home to the showroom. Thanks to a striking Chicago loft, original music composed in-house and a production team with serious chops, the "One Smart Day" video brings the
Smart ThinQ™ suite to life in a real way. Looped on a 42-inch Smart TV, the video educates while entertaining—and helps customers imagine the difference Smart ThinQ™ can make in their own lives.

scouting houses

We scouted hundreds of homes before finding one that could handle LG's high-end look and feel, the Smart ThinQ™ appliances—and the intricacies of filming that go with both.

Try Me

No sales associate on the floor? No problem. Because home appliance shopping can be overwhelming—and helpful sales associates aren't always available—the Smart ThinQ™ display is designed with the unassisted shopper in mind. Stanchions invite shoppers to try the apps for themselves while a flipbook guides them through easy-to-follow demos—the epitome of learning by doing.

LG Smart ThinQ Try Me

LG Smart ThinQ Try Me card 1

LG Smart ThinQ Try Me card 2

Endcaps 41 percent

It pays to do your research—and ours told us that buyers gravitate toward 'experiencing' the product before buying. Endcaps and vignettes are the first stops for 41% of in-store shoppers.

Bringing It Home

Launched in an initial 8-store test market, the Smart ThinQ™ display is impressive in its innovation, integration and sheer size in a small-footprint retail world. Scheduled for complete rollout in 2013, this hands-on experience makes an impact in-store—by showing shoppers how LG can make an impact in their home.

LG Smart ThinQ in home

LG Smart ThinQ QR code

Today’s consumer is web-savvy, checking reviews and specs online before making a big purchase. Adding QR codes to the Smart ThinQ™ suite shows LG knows—and appreciates—their customers’ smart habits.

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