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Rebranding   /   Brand Strategy   /   Logo Design   /   Design   /   Package Design  /   Content Development   /   Photo Editing & Retouching

With a complete rebranding and brand repositioning, Lionne was transformed into a luxurious and timeless source of jewelry for women everywhere. A rich color palette, bold website design, elegant packaging concepts, original photography and a new voice help create a genuinely exceptional story—the story of Lionne.

Lionne Logo

Lionne’s logo: Elegant and sophisticated, with a premium color scheme to match.

Lionne packaging

Product packaging concepts: Incorporating an elegant color palette and premium materials help take Lionne products to the next level.

Lionne catalog

Fall product catalog: Debuting new products, a new name and a new story.

Lionne web design

Lionne’s website: A revamped site brings together the reinvented Lionne brand.

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