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Radiology Consultants of Iowa has always been a vital source of radiology in Eastern Iowa. Known as Erskine Advanced Imaging Center for years, there was confusion with their name among insurance companies, patients and the general public. Under the guidance of North Forty, RCI rebranded their business to better suit the needs of their patients and their customers. Along with being a recognized leader in radiology consultations, RCI also garnered praise as the first women's center in Cedar Rapids to be named a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. To raise awareness of the unique contributions of RCI, North Forty created a series of marketing materials—ranging from newspaper, theater and billboard ads to radio spots and outdoor signage.

RCI logo

RCI’s logo: One mark that can be adapted for 3 different business units while maintaining their overarching brand identity.

RCI sign

Front signage: A main-entrance sign ensures RCI’s name and purpose are clear to all who drive by.

RCI brochure

Patient literature: Pamphlets and brochures are engaging and easy to understand.

RCI brochure

Breast Imaging Center of Excellence ads: Announcing a prestigious designation in a colorful way.

RCI brochure

Marketing collateral: Mailers, postcards and flyers get the word out about RCI’s advantages.

Radio spots: One-minute ads featuring interviews with RCI doctors inspire trust and confidence, and help listeners see why they should choose RCI.

RCI website

RCI’s website: Easy to use and implementing the company’s rebranded identity. Visit full site.

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