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New Look with a Genuine Voice

The new brand and marketing is incredibly effective for reps and dealers alike, and in my opinion, has put St. Croix in a great position to gain market share.
Nathan Lammers
North American Sales Manager, St. Croix Genuine Stoves


St. Croix’s multi-fuel and pellet stoves deliver alternative heating for those who like to do things their own way. Their products? Efficient, hardworking, and built to last. Their brand? It wasn’t speaking the same language—and thus wasn’t forging a lasting connection.

St. Croix’s new logo is sturdy, timeless, and hearkens back to an era of American industrial prowess. Traditional yet updated, ornamental yet clean, it speaks to the customer who values both modern efficiency and good old-fashioned hard work.

Before and after of St Croix logo

St Croix logo in progress

St. Croix’s classic, hardworking logo was influenced by metal badges on old boilers, farm trucks and other iconic American machinery.


St. Croix’s customers aren’t afraid to be different—and neither is St. Croix. Their new voice has the same gritty, no-nonsense values as their unique client base, setting them apart from the competition while telling a story of unmatched quality, self-sufficiency and made-in-the-USA pride.

St Croix brochure

St Croix stove texture

Simple, rugged and inspired by Henry Ford’s classic line, “Any color so long as it’s black,” the textured surface of a St. Croix stove was the perfect background for their new marketing materials.

Before and after images of a St Croix Stove

St Croix fire

Adding flames to product photographs brought St. Croix stoves to life, turning a cold, empty box into something warm, inviting and capable of producing some serious heat.


St. Croix’s new website works as hard as their stoves. Product pages emphasize St. Croix’s efficiency and aesthetics while a fuel comparison page makes comparing traditional and alternative fuel costs a snap. A comprehensive dealer locator means finding a St. Croix stove is quick, easy and convenient—and that speaks volumes to the customer who's got better things to do than shop.

St Croix website

St Croix traffic graph

Unique site visits are up 38% since St. Croix’s website redesign. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing make the site work smarter for St. Croix, referring 72% of visitors to their local dealer via the dealer locator.


St. Croix products are built to last, but they still demand thorough upkeep. New video owner's manuals transformed long, technical maintenance instructions into easy-to-follow segments. Making them available online alongside traditional text manuals means that St. Croix's customers and dealers can easily access instructions when—and how—they want.


From logo to literature to the Web, St. Croix’s elevated brand is as unique, hardworking and steadfast as its audience. Customers recognize the St. Croix name, the industry recognizes their solid presence and St. Croix dealers recognize a brand in a position to outsell the competition.

St Croix a better brand
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