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Trane employees are the heart of the business. The internal Faces of Trane  campaign was created to help them shift from a culture focused on products to one focused on service. In a multi-phase rollout starting with North America and extending to offices throughout the world, we captured dramatic images of Trane staff making a difference in real customer environments. Our work took us to Thailand, Dubai, Singapore, Spain, China, France, Brazil, Puerto Rico and more, and helped rejuvenate the mindset of employees across the globe.

Trane Poster

Faces of Trane  banner ad: First-person value statements paired with signatures and dramatic photography make a powerful impact.

Trane Location Photos

Faces of Trane  campaign images show proud Trane employees in front of facilities they service.
Locations, clockwise from top: Teatro Olimpico, Vincenza, Italy; World Expo, Shanghai, China; The Dubai Mall, Dubai.

Trane CD and bling

Campaign collateral: Screensavers, pens and other desktop items bring Trane’s renewed focus on service to the forefront.

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