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Putting a Face with the Name

Change is never easy, particularly when you're a global heating and cooling giant with a century of proven success. But for Trane, shifting from a product-focused to service-focused culture was a must—and needed to start from within.


The message was simple: Trane is a business about people. More than just products or parts, what differentiates Trane is the collective knowledge, experience and commitment of its staff. The challenge was finding a way to show employees that it's the things they do every day—to earn customer trust, to build relationships, to keep promises—that make Trane what it is.

Trane Shanghai

Trane signatures

Worldwide, Trane employs more than 29,000 employees at 400 locations in more than 100 countries. Our client tasked us with creating a global campaign that would resonate with a diverse employee base.


Working closely with our client, we developed the Faces of Trane  campaign. The idea of using photography to show the pride and ownership on employees' faces was both personal and powerful, crossing all language and cultural barriers.

Steering clear of typical shots like a technician in a hard hat turning a wrench, we captured dramatic images of employees in actual customer environments. From hospitals and schools to professional sports stadiums, from the Dubai Mall to a 500-year-old theatre in Italy and the World Expo in China, we showed team members how their knowledge and expertise extended beyond the equipment room to make a difference—not only to their customers but also to their customers' end-clients.

Trane poster

Each image was paired with a powerful statement written in the first person. Touching on everything from providing world-class service to being part of Trane's vast network of technical knowledge and resources, these six simple statements helped reshape each employee's perception of what customers truly value.

Trane locations

Creative fun

We broke out the Nerf guns to infuse some energy and fun into this project's creative session. Not only did it provide a much-needed break, our client loved the casual atmosphere and unusual tactic for refreshing the creative juices.


In a multi-phase rollout starting with North America and extending to locations throughout the world, the
Faces of Trane  campaign came to life through a series of deliverables designed to bring the new focus on service to the forefront.

From posters and banners hung in prominent places, to screensavers and pens, to the “I Am Trane” campaign kickoff video featuring interviews with Trane technicians, each employee was surrounded by daily reminders of their direct and positive impact on the success of the company.

Trane CD's

Trane screen savers

Trane on-site photo shoots

Photographing employees in unexpected and high-profile locations such as St. Louis’ Busch Stadium demonstrated the far-reaching impact of their daily efforts. The fact that the techs were lifelong Cardinals fans who were thrilled to have their photos taken on the "sacred ground" of the team dugout was a bonus—for them, and us.


By putting a face on a cultural shift, Faces of Trane  enlivened the brand for those whose opinion arguably matters most—its employees. This dynamic internal campaign connected so strongly with its audience that it has since been implemented across multiple divisions of the company, and continues to be a touchstone for Trane's vision of a service-focused future.

Trane wordsmithing

Trane signatures

As part of our global travels, we collected signatures from each team member we photographed to add an authentic and even more personal touch to the campaign.

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